Quickly Fulfillment House SA (hereinafter referred to as "QUICKLY” or the "Company"), site manager of excellenceshop.luxury (hereinafter the "Site") recommends that these terms and conditions (“T&C”) be carefully read before making any purchase.

Art. 1 - Field of application and validity

1.1 The conditions provided hereunder govern the sale and delivery of products from the Website to customers who visit the Site and / or place orders (“Customer/s”). The submittal of an order by the Customer implies the acceptance of these T&C. QUICKLY may subsequently modify these conditions in the future by informing the Customer through the medium of a notice that will be published on the Site.

1.2 The products purchased thorough the Website are sold directly by QUICKLY Fulfillment House SA, registered office in Lugano 6900, Via Cantonale 19, c/o Lardi & Partners.

Art. 2 - Warnings

2.1 By accepting these T & C and placing an order, the Customer declares:

a) To have read, understood and fully and unreservedly accepted these T & C;

b) To be the end user and to have purchased the products offered on the Site for the sole purpose of personal use and not in order to resale the products in the context of commercial activities or businesses of any nature;

c) To authorize QUICKLY to store, process and transfer to third parties that may have an interest therein, personal data contained in the order that was necessary for the execution of the latter;

d) To accept that the products he or she receives may not correspond exactly to the descriptions, specifications and photos contained in the Site.

e) QUICKLY is entitled to withdraw from any involvement in the event of obvious errors or inaccuracies concerning goods or orders that appear on the Site.

Warning: the standard procedure shall be considered as not finalized in a positive way if difficulties arise regarding delivery to the provided address. In this case, the Customer will be asked to make direct contact in order to find an alternative way of proceeding.

Art. 3 - methods of payment, delivery and gurantees

3.1 The sales agreement between QUICKLY and the Customer is understood as finalized once a confirmation message of the order is sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.

3.2 In the event that a given product ordered by the Customer is no longer available, QUICKLY will have no obligation to provide such product, but will only be required to inform the Customer of such circumstance. In the event only a part of the goods mentioned in the order is available, QUICKLY will contact the Customer in order to ask if he intends to cancel the order or, instead, desires to receive only the products that are available; in this case the Customer will only be charged the amount due for the products that he receives.

3.3 The payment shall be made by the Customer upon confirmation of the shipment, and via payment methods specified in the relevant section of the Site.

3.4 The Prices of the products are clearly specified in the Site, expressed in CHF, and are inclusive of Swiss VAT. For deliveries to foreign countries, taxes of the country of destination shall apply. Shipment costs shall be added to the price of the product. Data regarding the price and availability indicated on the Site may be modified without prior notice. QUICKLY shall do everything possible in order to guarantee adjourned prices.

3.5 Shipment and delivery costs may vary depending on the country, and shall be charged to the Customer upon the shipment of the products that have been ordered on the basis of applicable shipment tariffs specified in the relevant section of the Site. For shipments to foreign countries, possible extra costs and custom duties including applicable taxes shall be charged to the Customer.

Art. 4 - Delivery of the products

4.1 QUICKLY shall deliver the purchased products to the address provided in the order. The delivery times specified on the Site are estimates that are based exclusively on availability, on standard processing of data and on delivery times as declared by carriers.

4.2 The availability of every product is mentioned in the dedicated page on the Site. QUICKLY may deliver the products that are requested in a single order through more shipments, and anyway charge only the costs for the first shipment.

4.3 See section “Delivery” for details regarding payment methods.

Art. 5 – Guarantee

5.1 All products sold by QUICKLY are covered by a lack of conformity legal guarantee for a period of 24 months.

5.2 The Customer must examine the state of the consigned product, and, in the event of defects that render the latter unfit for use, notify QUICKLY immediately.

5.3 In order to benefit of assistance, the Customer will have to retain the invoice and all shipment documents that were received along with the purchased goods. Invoices regarding purchases may be easily extracted from the Site by entering the reserved area.

5.4 The right to reimbursement is subject to the following conditions, under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee:

a) Before returning to QUICKLY any defective products, the Customer must request an authorization to return the products, by directly informing QUICKLY via email. QUICKLY will provide to recollect the product at his own expense.

b) The Customer must return the product in its original packaging, with all its parts (including packaging, all documentation and accessories) so to avoid damage. In order to limit damage to the original packaging, it is advisable to put it in a second box; the direct application of adhesive-labels or tape on the original product packaging, should be avoided.

c) Upon receipt of the product and verification of the alleged defects, QUICKLY will send the Customer an email of confirmation accepting the return.

d) In the event of QUICKLY being able to submit the same or a similar product (with reference to style and value), with the consent of the Customer, QUICKLY will provide to the substitution by submitting a new product. Otherwise QUICKLY will initiate the reimbursement procedure in favor of the Customer of the amount paid for the defective product. The reimbursement of such amounts shall be always performed in favor of the Customer who made the payment and with the same payment methods chosen by the Customer.

5.5 With the exception of the aforementioned guarantee, QUICKLY excludes every and any liability (contractual or tort) regarding the Customer, within the limits of mandatory applicable regulations.

5.6 QUICKLY’s maximum aggregate liability can under no circumstances exceed the amount paid by the Customer for purchasing the goods.

5.7 QUICKLY shall not be liable for damage compensation deriving from any delays in the repairs or replacements of products under warranty.

Art. 6 - Secure payments

6.1 The following payment methods may be alternatively chosen: Credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. Payments must be made in Swiss francs.

6.2 Credit card. Thanks to the technologies we implement, we can guarantee that payments via credit card on the secure server are protected. Please note that amounts are not charged until the goods are actually shipped. In the event one or more products of an order are cancelled because they are unexpectedly out of stock, the amounts relating to such products shall not be charged to the credit card. In the event of mistakes made while entering credit card details, the managing institution of the card will inform us that it is impossible to proceed and an email will be immediately sent to advise about the error and suggest possible solutions in order to receive the products with no further delays.

6.3 PayPal. PayPal.ch is a Site that, once registered, grants the possibility of opening a personal account for free (that will have to relate to a preexisting account, a checking account, a credit card, a prepaid card ecc), and make and receive payments on line. When a purchase is made on the Site using this method, a PayPal website page appears, and it is possible to access a personal account or initiate the procedure to create a new one. By choosing to pay via Paypal the amount is charged directly on the account upon which the personal account opened with PayPal is based. By opting for this payment method, the financial data will not be shared with QUICKLY but will be managed directly by PayPal.

Art. 7- Purchase

7.1 Registration. The registration process is very simple. Just click on Log in, above on the right, and then proceed with the creation of a new Account. In event of a purchase without registration, the entry of basic data will be sufficient. If the choice concerns registration, it will be sufficient to insert the data requested in the form. The email address and password will be subsequently used to log in and make purchases. Please note that, once an order is made, extra data will be requested, namely necessary details for the shipment and delivery of the order (even the latter shall be stored for the sake of facilitating and speeding up further purchases). For more information regarding our privacy policy, click her.

7.2 Password retrieval. In the event the password is forgotten or lost, click on Log in, above on the right, and subsequently on have you forgotten your password? in the section regarding registered clients. By entering your email (the same one indicated for the registration process), the system will send a link to a page where it shall be possible to modify personal login details.

7.3 Cart. While using the Site, it is possible to memorize desired products in any moment. The button Add to cart, which can be found next to every product, enables to instantly select desired items to be ordered. By clicking on Proceed to checkout or Payment (in the cart area) it is possible to view the list of Products selected till that moment, together with a description regarding price, possible discounts and the possibility of choosing the desired number of items. In order to proceed with the payment, it is sufficient to click on Proceed with checkout. All carts are stored in memory and may be reviewed and modified in the occasion of any access, until the order is finalized. In order to visualize the cart, please click on Cart.

7.4 Order procedure. After having clicked on Proceed with checkout, the email address and password will be requested for authentication. Once the above mentioned details have been entered, a new form containing further request of data will appear in order to make the payment and proceed with the shipment. By clicking on confirm, the order is finalized. In the event of further purchases, such details will already be available for QUICKLY in order for the process to be easier and faster.

7.5 Security. Please note that QUICKLY guarantees a secure connection thanks to the system Secure Socket Layers (SSL) in order to encrypt potentially sensitive information. In this way, all data that is entered while making the order, both personal details and ones relating to the credit card, will be encrypted and rendered unreadable in the event of interception.

7.6 Preparation of the order. All the items on the Site are directly available, therefore once the order is finalized the shipment shall be prepared with no delay.

7.7 Delivery. Delivery of the products will be made to the address provided by the Customer in the order. Once the ordered products have been packaged, QUICKLY shall deliver them via Priority post. If, during the process, an unexpected event should occur (delays, products out of stock ecc.), the Customer shall immediately be informed via email about the status of the order. Delivery times for each item depend on the type of shipment chosen when purchasing the product. All orders received by 12 o’clock will be prepared and executed the same day. If the Customer selects the Economy shipment option, the items will be delivered within 3-5 working days. If, on the contrary, the Priority option is chosen, the goods will be delivered within 1 working day. Claims regarding mistakes in the delivery will have to be notified via email within the third day from the delivery of the item. Notifications arriving after the 3rd day, therefore late in accordance with these Terms & Conditions, will not result in any verification: any claim put forth by the client will not in any way be taken into consideration. Any claim regarding products received in packages that have been opened or damaged will have to be directed to “Posta Svizzera SA”. The Customer will also have to inform QUICKLY via email within one (1) day from receiving the Products. QUICKLY reserves the right to refuse, suspend or annul, upon its own discretion, the delivery or the execution of any of the obligations deriving from the order, in the event of fraud, non – execution or violation of obligations with QUICKLY by the Customer, relating to previous orders. If the ordered products should require passing a national border (on the basis of the country of destination), and the Customer decides that he does not wish to receive the order once it has reached the customs, QUICKLY shall not grant any reimbursement of the goods, which shall be left on site. For further information regarding the delivery, please visit www.post.ch.

7.8 Shipment costs. Shipment costs vary according to the type of products that are purchased and are clearly described in the cart before the purchase.

8. Governing Law and jurisdiction

8.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by Swiss law. If for any reason part of this terms and conditions may prove null and void, the effectiveness and validity of the remaining parts shall remain.

8.2 Any controversy may arise on the interpretation or the application of this Terms and Conditions shall be resolved before the Pretura di Mendrisio Nord.